Competition Lines


Our Nationally Award Winning Competition Lines strive to provide dancers with a higher level of training so that they may take their dancing ability to the next level. Dancers who audition and are accepted into these classes will be taught more challenging technique and choreography and will be expected to perform at a higher level. We will attend two to three competitions per year. Dancers that are nine and older are expected to take one ballet class per week along with one additional technique class per month.  We currently compete in the Recreational Division which means our dancers attend class under three hours per week.  New in 2016, we will begin to offer an Intermediate level of competition for those dancers who are interested and accepted into the program.


Our goal with this program is to provide those dancers who have the skills and desire to compete with an opportunity to do so in a positive and healthy environment. By attending competitions, we hope to give these dancers an example of how teamwork, dedication and competing can be a constructive, character building experience that will carry over into other aspects of their lives.


Auditions are held each year in order to select the dancers and are open to all students ages 6 and up. 75 – 90 minute tap/jazz class 1x per week and 45 minute ballet class required for all dancers ages 9 and up in the recreational division.  Information regarding Intermediate level classes, costs and expected commitment is available for those dancers interested in additional training.  Additional competition fees required.  


2017 Competition Auditions 

Click Here to View and Print the 2017 Competition Audition Information Sheet


For more detailed and specific price information on our Competition Lines and audition times, please contact the studio at 715-688-6798 or by emailing us at